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Rachel Clark
I received my BFA in 2008 from the School of Fine Arts at the University of Connecticut, where I studied painting and printmaking. My chosen media and method vary depending on what ideas have my current interest, from small gouache studies to large oil paintings that evoke a sense of narrative and place. Clay, cardboard and glue have also been useful tools for my artistic investigation! I often find within my daily artistic practice that new questions arise as I work, and this motivates me to keep exploring.

When creating a painting, I am fascinated by the strange ways our world arranges itself--how shapes compose themselves, fit into, and push against one another. In my imagery, I look for the implied connections between objects, people, and their environments. I think a lot about the way people create space for themselves and others in this world. I am fascinated by spaces where people have been or will be, and by the way our personalities and character imprint on the structures we occupy. Although the buildings and rooms I paint are inanimate, I think of my paintings as portraits–they are personal and feel familiar in the way of close friends, even if you have never been there before.